Quantum Table (5)

Quantum Table

A practical table with an industrial look, the quantum table is available in solid European oak or American walnut. The wood is brushed to give a natural finish and the grain and knots left visible making each table top unique. 

Due to the customisable nature of the range, we advise that you come in-store so we can advise and assist you so ensure you get the perfect combination. Available options to chose from in-store include:

  • A wide range of options in-store

  • Choice of finish

  • Knots can be left open or filled

*please note prices are subject to change


Assembly: Fully Assembled

Dimensions: Customisable

Materials: Wood/Steel

Delivery and Availability

Delivery Option: Pieces for Places

Delivery Period: 10-12 Weeks

Download our spec sheet here !

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