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Ashbury Sleeper Table
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Wyoming Bedroom
Bowen Chair

 We do not have all of our furniture and homeware pieces available to buy at a click as a traditional online store allows.

What we have tried to do with our website is show you a very small sample of the type of thing we have in the shop.

A lot of our favourite products we sell from our shop are not suited to being sold online, Often the supply is limited and lead times are inconsistent between manufacturers, sometimes there are features and options that cant be easily conveyed through a screen. 

We do deliver our furniture all over the country, but arranging this just requires a conversation as we do not have a national network of stores and we like to do the deliveries ourselves if we can. This is another reason we cant simply list all our stock online.

So if you are interested in something but you cant find it on the website, please just get in touch via phone or email and we will do our best to help. 

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